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Do you make renovation or just need to drill a hole in a wall? Use our EMF Meter to search electric wires inbuilt in the wall.

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Electromagnetic fields Detector (Wall Wire Finder) for Android and iOS smartphones

  • Turns your smartphone in high sensitivity Wall Wire Finder, Electrical Fields detector, EMF Meter, Oscilloscope.
  • Indicates the electromagnetic wave around us on your device in V/m (volt per meter) unit in real time.
  • Small, comfortable, sensitivity, works with phones, tablets and PC that have a built-in mini jack 3.5 input and iOS devices with use of 3,5" adapter
  • Comes in easy-to-carry aluminum case
Electromagnetic detector (EM detector) from NanoSmartSensor™

Turns your smartphone into a highly sensitive electrical wiring finder, electromagnetic field finder and meter, an oscillograph and a spectrum analyzer

The EM detector from NanoSmartSensor™ is a miniature sensor that connects to the audio input (3.5mm) of your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Using free apps, you can easily find hidden live wires, measure the intensity of the electric field, find out how the field changes in time (get an oscillogram) and learn its low-frequency spectrum. Also, the EM detector will allow you to identify the sources of pulsed fields.

On the screen of your device, in real time you will be able to see electric fields, as well as determine their spectrum and measure strength.

The EM detector consist of: an electric sensor packed together with an amplifier in a high-strength stainless steel case, and sealed with high-quality epoxy resin (completely airtight). To connect to the phone has a durable nickel connector of 3.5mm (4 pin) standard.

The principle of work: is to convert the energy of the electric field into an electric signal, its subsequent strengthening and the issuance into the microphone entrance of the device for processing by the program.

Works with: computers, smartphones and tablets for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux, as well as with Arduino Modules. If the device does not have a 3.5mm audio input, it connects via an AUX adapter, USB audio card or Bluetooth headphone adapter.

Miniature, lightweight, portable, comfortable, reliable shock-resistant airtight "smart" device. Easy to use and store. It does not require additional power sources.

Each device is hand-assembled from the highest quality materials and tested before shipping!

Each device has a warranty - 12 months.

Recommendations for use and software

1. Turn "Fight mode" at your telephone

2. Insert the EM detector tightly all the way

3. "Headset" icon will appear (not on all phones)

4. Open the app


Any software that analyzes signals from the microphone is suitable.

Measuring electromagnetic field strength:

1. Install free «Smart EM Checker app. »

2. Go to the settings and choose the type of smartphone appropriate to yours (once on the first start).

3. Click the big grey button on the screen and start measuring.

Search for electrical wiring in the walls:

1. Install free «FFT Spectrum Analyzer» app.

2. In the app, switch «Sq» to «Lin» and set the discrete slider on the left of thescreen to the extreme top position (the frequency range will be narrowed to600 Hz).

3. The slider on the right of the screen set a comfortable level of sensitivity for you device.

4. Start searching for wiring. When you find a live wire, it will be shown on the spectrum in the form of a peak of 50 Hz.

Detection of pulsed electromagnetic fields:

1. Install free «Sound Oscilloscope» app.

2. With the «+» button, set a comfortable sensitivity level for your device.

3. Start searching. When you find the source of pulsed EMF it will be shown on the oscillogram in the form of peaks.

Important: The sensor case is an antenna and has a capacitive connection with the amplifier, i.e., it is not connected to the phone with constant current, andtheoretically it can touch anything. However, when looking for wiring it is better notto risk and not to touch the wires!

How does the electromagnetic field (EMF) affect the human body?

Modern research proves that the electromagnetic field affects the human body, andelectrical devices created to facilitate our lives, as well as walls of apartments,houses and offices, riddled with electrical wiring, generate EMF far from harmless tohuman health.

Biological effect of EMF: Various studies have shown high biological activity of EMF in all frequency ranges.

Most sensitive to the effects of EMP: nervous, immune, endocrine, sexualsystems. Also, there is an accumulation of biological effect of EMF with long-term effects, in connection with which it is possible to develop in the future degenerative processes in the central nervous system of the person, tumors and hormonal diseases. Children, pregnant women, people with disorders in the cardiovascular, hormonal, nervous, immune systems are especially vulnerable from electromagnetic waves.

Effects on the nervous system: Possible disruption of the transmission of nerve impulses with the subsequent development of autonomic dysfunction (neurotic and asthenic syndrome), a feeling of weakness, irritability, rapid fatigue, sleep disturbance. The higher nervous activity is disturbed - weakening of memory and the development of stressful reactions.

Effects to the cardiovascular system: Violations appears in the lability of heart and blood pressure, increased risk of hypertension, pain in the heart.

In the blood there is a decrease in the number of white blood cells and red blood cells.

Effects on the immune and endocrine systems: Studies have found that the influence of electromagnetic fields occurs a violation of immunogenesis, the burden of the flow of the infectious process. The action of high-intensity EMF leads to a depressing effect on the T-system of cellular immunity. Under the influence of EMF, more adrenaline is produced, blood clotting increases, the activity of the pituitary gland decreases.

Effects on the sexual system: Most researchers consider EMF to be a teratogenic factor. The most dangerous is the early stages of pregnancy. The intense effect of electromagnetic radiation on a woman can trigger preterm birth, as well as have an impact on fetal development and increase the risk of congenital diseases.

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