Innovative measuring devices for smartphones


We are group of Ukrainian inventors focused in microelectronics.

Historically our native City of Kyiv suffered from Chernobyl disaster in 1986. So from very childhood we knew how important it is to avoid radiation polluted objects met in our life. Device used for such control is called nuclear radiation detector (NRD). However we found that conventional NRDs available on the market are either cumbersome, too expensive or/and unreliable.
So we come to idea to create an affordable dependable and convenient NRD enabling average people to control radiation easily, fast and precisely enough.
And after a few years of researches and development efforts we created the product effective in function and extremely low energy consumed. It proved its efficiency in the number of severe tests including challengeable testing in space.
During our work we also made some other inventions and worked out a number of other nano devices, which we hope make people's life safer and easier.