Innovative measuring devices for smartphones

You definitely used to think about if the place you leave and food you eat are safe for you and your family. Normally as you see no evident danger you relax. But how often it comes to your mind that there are hazards hidden for your sense organs. One of the most dangerous out of them is radiation. In our full of nuclear technologies world possibility to contact or even get it inside with food always exists. And nobody knows when it is his time to be unlucky.

Conventional technologies and methods to control radiation usually designed rather for professional applications than for daily use by ordinary people.

So we propose you absolutely new and innovative device to solve this problem.

It is Nano Nuclear Radiation Detector !

Picture of NanoSmartSensor Nuclear Radiation Detector for smartphones Picture 2 of NanoSmartSensor Nuclear Radiation Detector for smartphones Picture 3 of NNanoSmartSensor Nuclear Radiation Detector for smartphones

Nuclear Radiation Detector and Spectrometer for Android and iOS smartphones

  • Nano Smart Sensor measures radiation of the environment, food and household items
  • Turns your smartphone, tablet and computer into a highly sensitive radiation dosimeter and spectrometer
  • Sensitive to beta and gamma radiation, does not contain any radioactive elements inside
  • Works with Android and Windows devices that have a built-in mini jack 3.5 input and iOS devices with use of 3,5" adapter
  • Comes in easy-to-carry aluminum case.
Check invisible space around you!
Convert your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer into a highly sensitive BETA and GAMMA radiation DETECTOR-SPECTROMETR!!
Nano Nuclear Radiation Detector-Spectrometer (nano dosimeter) designed and produced by NanoSmartSensorÔ identifies radioactive objects, measures environment radioactive levels and ionizing radiation particles energy (spectrum) displaying measuring results on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer screen.

Nano dosimeter consists of:

1. Scintillation sensor assembled together with amplifier is high-strength stainless steel casing sealed with high quality epoxy resin (fully hermetically sealed).

2. Wear resistant nickel-plated built-in 3.5mm (4pin) headphone jack.

Operation principle

Nano dosimeter registers quantity and energy ionizing (radiation) particles of natural and technogenic origin using plastic scintillator with further received signals amplification and converting them into impulses for processing by the program. Every single particle is normally corresponded by its own impulse however in case when particles number is too high (e.g., Z-ray tube creates billions of particles per second) nano dosimeter automatically turns into "current mode" in which radiation power parameters are converted into electric current consumption.

Application range

In nano dosimeter there are no false impulses of his own charges so his working range is not limited from bellow (starts from zero) and due it has "current mode" the range is not limited from above (exceeds thousands R/h). Therefore, nano dosimeter is a leader among house-hold nuclear radiation detectors in application range parameter.

In the mode "Detector"

Measures BETTA particles current having energy from 200 keV and GAMMA and X-ray photons having energy from 50keV.

In the mode "Spectrometer"

Measures BETTA particles spectrums in no limited energy range and GAMMA quants to average energies.

Measurement accuracy.

No less than Geiger counters.

Completed with:

Control source (uranium glass bead). Plastic container (if to buy on Amazon – water resistant aluminum casing)


Works with: smartphones, tablet, laptop and computers on OS Android, Windows, Arduino and iOS equipped with built-in 3.5 headphone jack. Does not require additional power sources.

Miniature, portable, lightweight, reliable and intelligent device, shock and water resistant. Easy to use and store.

Every unit is hand-assembled from the highest quality materials and is tested before delivery!

Every sensor has 12 months warranty

Where to use
Plants and mushrooms accumulate radiation if grow in contaminated areas and are very dangerous if are eaten. For instance: radioactive strontium replaces calcium in human bones and is impossible to be got out.

Always check food for radiation safety and take care about your health.

Travel and picnic
When travelling it is possible getting in area where radioactive waste is buried or uranium ores come up to surface. Nano dosimeter allows you to choose safe places and enjoy nature.
Home and offic
Your furniture can be produced from radioactive wood since trees tend to actively absorb radiation.

Some finishing materials especially containing granite often may have exceeding radiation levels.

Concrete also may have higher radiation level what makes significant input to yearly radiation dose you receive due to staying long time nearby. Thus, if near your bed there is a wall with increased radiation level then you spend minimum one third of your life under increased radiation influence.

Check your home and office with Nano dosimeter and be in safe.
Toys and play areas
Toys contaminated by radiation harm your children's health. Check their safety with Nano nuclear radiation detector as well as areas where your children play.
Farming and gardening
Radioactive fallout may contaminate food everywhere in the world. Also, some fertilizers can be radioactive. Check radioactive contamination level in your garden. Use safe food of you garden.
Radioactive objects in everyday life
Some goods such as watches, compasses, switches and other if produced before 60-th of XX cent may contain radium which was used in so called 'luminous mass of continuous action" – luminous mixture based on radium and zinc salt (for glowing in dark).
For 10-15 years of operation, zinc salt burns out and the glow disappears, but Radium has been active for thousands of years!
Radium is extremely dangerous for health primarily because it creates Radon gas which is very heavy, and getting into the lungs accumulates there. While disintegrating, Radon kills lung cells and turns into polonium, which is absorbed into the bloodstream and chemically poisons the body. Over time, Polonium as well as Radium breaks down and kills the body's cells, and then turns into lead.
Fortunately, the nano dosimeter perfectly registers Radium, so all you need is to carefully check with it all potentially dangerous items (their list with photos is easy to be found in the Internet).

Jewelry and bijouterie
You need to pay a lot of attention when buying necklaces, rings or other jewelry. Noble stones can have a radioactive background, especially zirconium, which is most commonly used in decorations. If the decorations or jewelry are made before the mid-60s of the 20th century, then, along with clocks, compasses, switches and other devices of those years - they can contain Radium (see « Radioactive objects in everyday life»)!

Nano dosimeter will help you to make the right choice - because jewelry should bring pleasure, not risk to life!

Recommendations for use and software
The nano dosimeter always registers radiation correctly, and gives pulses proportional to particle energies. It is important that your smartphone correctly registers pulses from the dosimeter. To do this, read carefully the following recommendations:
Nuclear radiation detector- spectrometer for Android and iOS

1. Turn on "flight" mode into your phone

2. Insert the nano dosimeter tightly

3. The "headset" icon will appear (not on all phones)

4. Open the app (make set up the first time you start)

5. If you need a check, put the container with a control source tightly on the dosimeter and make a control measurement (3 minutes)


In Play Market and the App Store, you'll get a "Geiger" or "Dosimeter" and choose what's best for you. Atom Spectra and Geiger Bot are designed for spectrometry. The most popular "Smart Geiger EX." The app is set up automatically the first time you start, and you can immediately start measuring and searching for radioactive items.

Set up Smart Geiger EX app:

The application shows a natural background of 10 μR/h (0.10 µSv/h), i.e., under normal conditions on the screen it will be shown "0.10", which occasionally will increase when particles hit directly into the nano nuclear radiation detector.

If the particle falls not into the dosimeter and next to it (say in the phone), the dosimeter will see it, because when the particles collide with substance atom collides with the atom, they knock out the electrons from its lower levels and when the remaining electrons go down (closer to the nucleus) then they emit photons with energy up to 100 keV (so-called "X-ray fluorescence").

These photons are recorded by the dosimeter, but with little energy they create weak impulses that the Smart Geiger EX program ignores (believing it is noise). Theaccuracy of the background measurement does not suffer from this, but the time ofmeasurement increases (a few minutes). If you measure a radioactive object, saycontaining radium, the particles energy will be there >100 keV and Smart Geiger EXwill detect and measure it quickly (in 30 seconds). You can visually control thesituation on the color of the scale: green - the norm, yellow - excess, red -dangerous. If the Smart Geiger EX program doesn't work correctly, go to thesettings (circle in the top right corner) and start auto-calibration.

Smart Geiger EX is the most popular and usable app in 90% of cases, but if youwant the exact value of the natural background, or the graph of its changes, or theoverlay of the background on the map, or spectrums, then you need to use morecomplex programs such as: AtomSimple, PocketGeiger, RadMeter, AtomSpectra,Geiger Bot or paid applications.

Set up Atom Simple app:

In the settings (at the very bottom) - choose the option "for developers" - find threepoints in the top right corner and click - choose "additional settings" - to change thevalues:

1. Put all settings in zero (except "K," "t," "MD")

2. "t" put 1000

3. "MD" pick so that from the background there was about 1 pulse in 10-30s

4. The "K" option is to set the exact background value

Set up Rad Meter app:

The Rad Meter program has the ability to set its own sensor (Custom Sensor),which allows you to fine-tune, but you can first choose the type of "BPW34x2"sensor.

Set up Pocket Geiger 1.02 app:

You need to go to the settings (sometimes you need to press the appropriate controlbutton on the phone at the bottom).

In the settings put "Threshold Radiation" so that the natural background would be about one pulse in 10-30 s.

Set "Noise Threshold" at "0.0%."

"Reverse Input" depends on the phone, install it so that a blue line (above the redline of signal) on the tab "Input Wave" would be cross a sharp narrow half-wave ofmomentum, and a sloping wide half-wave (going behind it) – would be at the bottom.


The most complex but useful feature of this device is spectrometry.

Spectrum is a graph that horizontally has the energy of particles, and vertically - the number of registered particles with a specific energy. Thus, you can see which particles hit the dosimeter.

Spectrums can identify isotopes, and help identify weak pollution in food, soil, building materials, etc.

To get spectrums install Atom Spectra or Geiger Bot.

St up Atom Spectra 1.04 app:

You need to go into the settings and remove all the "ticks."

"Reduced to:" set 1024.

The main thing is the noise threshold "Noise discriminator", it can have any value (usually from 500 to 3000, depends on the model of the smartphone). You need to find a value where in the top left corner of the screen the option "sps:" will be predominantly "0" (several times per minute "1"), and on the graph several times per minute will appear /grow the line on the left (this is a natural background).

When properly adjusted, the natural background will give about one pulse in 10-30s and look like the lines on the left of the screen, in a low energy area (since the natural background, as mentioned earlier - is predominantly X-ray fluorescence, with the energy of photons <100 keV). If there is a source of radiation, there will be lines to the right of the background, which will line up in the shape of the isotope accordingly.

If "Noise Discriminator" is less than 400 means a squelch is turned on the phone and it is desirable to turn it off.

If this parameter is less than 250 - then the squelch does not work correctly and it must be turned off, otherwise the spectrums will be very compressed and low-informative (how to turn it off read on the Internet about your phone).

If the "Invert Input" is turned on, the spectrum is wider (longer horizontally) , then you need to leave it turned on.

If you touch the screen, then on the spectrum green line appears- it allows you to set the range of the horizontal scale. To do this, click the desired arrow in the top right corner and set the value.

If you touch the screen and hold, the color of the graphics will change (white/blue).

All other Atom Spectra settings not specified in this recommendation can be changed at your discretion.

Important! If the Atom Spectra version is more than 1.04, there may be differences! But in any case, "Noise Discriminator" is the basis.

Geiger Bot is an iOS spectrometer, the setting is complex and goes beyond this description.

Weak pollution identification:

As mentioned above: the spectrum is a graph, which horizontally - the energy of particles, and vertically - the number of registered particles with a specific energy.

The spectrum allows you to see which particles got into the dosimeter, and this can be used to detect weak contaminants (comparing the spectrums of the sample with the background spectrum at the measurement point).

To do this, pre-measure the background with Atom Spectra program , 30 minutes (the longer the better). If then, without changing the position of the dosimeter, attach to its top of the sample (grunt, water, building materials or food) and make a measurement of the same duration, then in the presence of even weak pollution - it will appear in the form of lines that were not on the spectrum of natural background.

This is a very valuable function of the Nano dosimeter, because in everyday and camping conditions, there is virtually nothing to do such an analysis!

Determining the presence of radon in the air:

If you put the tablets of activated charcoal in different places of the studying area, say, for a day (the longer the better), the coal will accumulate radon, and the products of its decay can be registered by any good dosimeter or spectrometer - for example, this nano dosimeter.

It is important to apply the tablet tightly to the top of the dosimeter. You can measure any program - if there is a clear difference with the tablet and without, then there is a radon!

If the result is negative, you can make a more sensitive measurement - using a vacuum cleaner (the technique is seen on the Internet).


This nano dosimeter works with Arduino.

Electric power that should be supplied to connection nearest to the hull (the rest is the earthing) through the resistor (about 10 kOm).

Signal to read from the point of power (voltage there is about 1.5V).

You can power supply directly from the port of ADC (through the pull-up resistor of the port), but then the power of MK is desirable to be 5V.

Working nano dosimeter with computer (Windows):

It connects to the microphone entrance.

If the PC is old or stationary (separately 3 pin - microphone and 3 pins - earplugs), you need a cable/adapter from 4 pins to 3 pins.

In the microphone settings, it is important to turn on the amplifier (otherwise it does not work).

Programs to use: "PRA" "Becquerel Monitor," "Theremino"


The nano dosimeter works with iOS.

For iPhone, iPod, etc. it's the same as for Androids in the "Smart Geiger EX" part. The rest of the program is different ("Geiger Bot" instead of "Atom Spectra").

Dosimeter check (control source)

You can check the work of the dosimeter by taking container in which it was delivered on the dosimeter (tightly up to the point).

In the container there is a bead made of uranium glass with a very weak background (most dosimeters do not see it), it creates a minimum number of pulses, but enough to test. Typically, "Smart Geiger EX" shows the level in the yellow zone several times for 3 minutes (beads have different radioactivity, so the numbers may differ from those in the photo).